Take a class trip to Spain, where you can see Madrid in the moonlight.

Study tours to Europe

A study tour in a European country ensures great cultural experiences, historical momuments, culinary delights, and new knowledge. KILROY can tailor your group travel in Europe.

Within Europe, the study tour destinations are easy to reach and there is a wide range of sights and excursions to choose from. Whether you and your group dream of exploring the Notre Dame and the Grand Arche in Paris, Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin, or the Charles Bridge in Prague, you can be sure that the academic content is carefully considered and tailored in advance.

We tailor your study trip to Europe

Our study tours in Europe are carefully planned and customized based on our expertise, feedback from previous study trips, as well as your wishes and needs. You can be sure that we have taken care of every detail throughout the study tour.

KILROY organizes study tours, group travel, and study trips to the following countries in Europe:

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