Study tours to London

The possibilities in London are infinite.

Study tours to London

Cheap study tours to London. Year after year, many people from around the world continue to flock to England's largest city, London on school trips and group tours. Travel to London with KILROY on an awesome study tour.

The old market town offers everything you could dream of in a European metropolis. A nice walk around the old majestic buildings like Westminster Abbey, the London Bridge, and the legendary prison Tower of London is a history lesson in itself.

However, London also offers the unexpected. Not far from the royal residence, Buckingham Palace, is the scenic St. James Park. There, you will find a wealth of exotic birds in the middle of the otherwise Nordic climate. On the shore of the lakes, it is not unusual to see a pelican standing and enjoying the sparse sun. If you have a taste for exotic animals and history, the famous Natural History Museum is just a few metro stops away. Admission is free.

In hip neighborhoods like Soho and China Town, London's gastronomic mecca, you can find dining experiences in all shapes, tastes, and price ranges. Soho is also the place to be if you are searching for slightly smaller commercial shopping experiences.

Easy transportation

To organize and tow a large group of people around a vibrant city can be a daunting task. However, this is not the case in London. The capital is particularly known for its effective and efficient subway system. The London Underground is easy for any visitor to navigate around the city from end to end.

Example activities for your study tour in London:

  • Tower
  • Parliament
  • Trafalgar Square
  • British Museum
  • St. Paul's Cathedral
  • Westminster Abbey
  • London Eye
  • Guildhall
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Shakespeare 's Globe Theatre
  • Greenwich with timeline

Excursions as part of the study tour in London:

  • Stonehenge
  • Oxford
  • Windsor

Go backstage on the study tour to London

Most groups who wish to take a trip to England choose London as their destination. Selects in London have the opportunity for a backstage experience. For example, take your group to visit to the BBC for a guided backstage tour and learn more about daily life at a television station. You can also go on a backstage theater tour at the National Theatre. The academic program certainly does not have to be boring. We can help with everything from:

  • Backstage tours at the TV station and theater
  • School visits
  • Brewery Visit
  • A visit to the Ethnic London
  • And much more...
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International Student Identity Card (ISIC) in London

With an ISIC card the students will get access to a variety of benefits on the study tour. Contact KILROY to get a quote on ISIC cards for the entire group of students.

Here are a few of the top ISIC savings in London:

  1. With an ISIC you get access to student benefits and discountsTower of London: 3 pounds off admission
  2. Tower Bridge:  3 punds off admission
  3. Shakespeare Globe Theatre: 3 punds off admission
  4. Gatwick & Stansted airport shuttles: 20% off
  5. Tate Modern: Up to 30% off

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