Visit the pyramids of Egypt on a study tour in Africa.

Study tours to Africa

If you are looking for group travel to Africa, then you've come to the right place. KILROY organizes study tours to the breathtaking North African cities of Marrakech and Cairo.

During a study tour in Africa, you will experience a fascinating continent filled with history, culture, and landmarks. All of these things combined create a whole new world that is very different from the one we are used to in Europe.

In Egypt, you will experience its impressive grandeur. The ancient past and charming present offer an exciting mix of Arab, African, and European influences. Cairo has an almost magnetic attraction and it is hard not to get carried away by the city's mystique.

If you are dreaming of a study tour in Morocco, the country's tumultuous history awaits you with visible French relics, giants souks, royal palaces, and the Atlas mountains. In particular, the city of Marrakech is full of life, colorful buildings, and Arabian adventure.


KILROY organizes class trips, group travel, and study tours to the following countries in Africa:

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