See the Abu Simbel Temples during your class trip to Egypt.

Study tours to Egypt

Are you considering a trip to a more unconventional study destination? If so, we can recommend class trips and group travel to Egypt. Indeed, the country that gave birth to the first great civilization needs little introduction, as the scope of Egypt is magnificent. Discover the pyramids, the minarets, the Nile, and so much more.

If you choose to take a study trip to Egypt, you will be surprised to discover that the legendary pyramids are just the tip of the archaeological iceberg. Pharaonic nations, ancient Greeks, Romans, Christians, and Arab dynasties have all played their role in shaping Egypt's assortment of architectural riches.

Activities for your study tour in Egypt

Cairo's chaos continues to swirl around Egypt's medieval core, which has remained unchanged since the founding days of Islam. Upriver, you will find Luxor. This site is home of the ancient Thebes, which is lined with lavish tombs and boasts some of the most formidable monuments of ancient history.

Further south lies Aswan, a good place to explore the Nile River. It is best done on a felucca (Egyptian sailboat) in the hands of the ever-present currents and winds.

To the west, you will find an infinite ocean of sand that extends to the Sahara. This area is also where you will find the deep, crystal clear waters of the Red Sea, an underwater inferno of colorful coral and marine life.

Discover ancient Egypt and embark on a journey through history by choosing a study tour with KILROY. We tailor a study tour according to your wishes and needs.

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