Study tours to Cairo

Experience the intensity of urban life during your study tour to Cairo.

Study tours to Cairo

Egyptians know their capital by the Arabic name Al-Qahira, which means 'the victorious'. Indeed, Cairo is a GREAT city. With an estimated population of about 8 million, or 18 million including the suburbs, Cairo is Africa's largest city and is among the 20 largest in the world.

Cairo is a wonderful medley of elements from Arab Africa. With the impressive pyramids of Giza to the south, Cairo lies 150 kilometers from the mouth of the Mediterranean, where the Nile River begins its long branch to the south.

On field trips or general group travels to Cairo, you will experience the city's impressive grandeur and notice the constant traces of ancient history. With an array of influences from various ancient civilizations, Egypt's capital is truly a unique and wonderful city. With all of the beautiful architecture, ancient ruins, and religious relics, Cairo has an almost magnetic attraction that contributes to the city's mystique.

Example activities for your study tour in Cairo:

  • The Citadel
  • The Coptic Cairo
  • The Egyptian Museum
  • Al-Muallaqa (the Hanging Church)
  • St. George's church
  • St. Sergius church
  • Muhammad Ali Mosque
  • Sailing in a felucca
  • Camel riding

Excursions as part of the study tour in Cairo

What to see and experience outside of Cairo:

  • Giza Pyramids
  • Fayoum Oasis
  • Memphis
  • Saqqara Pyramid
  • Alexandria
  • Luxor Temples (combination with Cairo)
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