Study tours to Marrakech

Good food is part of the study tour in Marrakech.

Study tours to Marrakech

Marrakech is Morocco's third largest city with just over 1 million inhabitants. Located approximately 200 kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean in Southern Morocco, the city sits almost at the foot of the glowing Atlas mountains.

Morocco has had a tumultuous history, as several European powers have left their marks over the years. The French were the most influential, since Morocco actually became part of the French protectorate in 1912. Today, you will still find many French fingerprints throughout Marrakech, although Morocco has been an independent kingdom since 1956.

Experience the diversity of Marrakesh

Among other things, the French language is widely used in education and public life. French influence is also present at the architectural level, since the French typically built their own villages outside of the Moroccan medinas, or the old city centers. Though this is the case in Marrakech, the old city is still very visible and accessible.

Marrakech is also home to Morocco's largest traditional berber market, also called a "souk".

Another very well known location is Jemaa el-Fnaa, which is a huge space in the city medina where locals and tourists meet. Jemaa el-Fnaa has been a UNESCO World Heritage since 1985.

In general, there much to look at and study in Marrakech. Mosques, royal palaces, tombs, the Jewish quarter (Mellah), and other sites make for a rich study tour.

Excursions outside of Marrakech

When in Marrakech, you should not miss out on at least one day trip outside the city. The possibilities are endless, but the Atlas Mountains in one form or another is an ideal option. These mountains are over 4,000 meters high and you can visit villages, waterfalls, irrigation systems, and oases. An excursion like this offers an utterly unique experience that shows life for people in the harsh countryside.

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