For a destination that is totally different from home, take a study trip to Mumbai.

Study tours to Asia

On a research trip to the fascinating Asian continent, you can choose from some of the world's largest cities. Mumbai, Shanghai, and Beijing each offer something different, but they all have historic attractions, huge populations, and roaring economies.

KILROY organizes class trips, group travel, and study tours to all countries in Asia. How about:

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KILROY combines both social and academic content to ensure you the ultimate group travel to Asia.

China is the world's most populous country. On a study trip to Beijing, you can experience China's imperial history, as well as the center of the country's spiritual and political life. On the other hand, a study trip to Shanghai will take you to a technologically-advanced city with beautiful gardens and ancient Chinese temples. Shanghai is also China's most populated city.

A study tour in India will provide you with a true melting pot of colors, smells, noises, fashion, Bollywood movies, religious practices, cultures, and languages. In India, everything that you experience could be described as 'different' than what you are used to. In this way, a study trip to India is completely captivating.

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