Visit Mumbai on your study tour to India.

Study tours to India

As a big melting pot of colors, religions, smells, noises, glittering skyscrapers, fashion, Bollywood movies, and more, India is a fascinating and chaotic mix of many different elements.

You will find that India is made up of heavy traffic, extreme wealth, extreme poverty, colonial relics, delicious cuisines, an array of religious beliefs, and many different ethnic groups. Indeed, India is one big country filled with diversity, which adds to both its chaos and its grandeur.

Study Tour to India - amazing and colorful

A study tour in India is for the daring and adventurous. Those who wish to venture into something 'different' will surely be intrigued by this massive country. That said, India requires both curiosity and patience. Once you are in India, however, you will be captivated by its uniqueness.

Whatever the purpose of your study/group travel to India, we will help you arrange both the journey and the academic program. Through our partners, we can assist in arranging study visits to a number of sites. Additionally, we can also arrange excursions with a guide during your stay.

KILROY organizes class trips, group travel, and study tours to the following cities in India:

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