Study tours to Mumbai

Experience Mumbai's intense urban life during your class trip.

Study tours to Mumbai

Mumbai, also known as Bombay, is home to more than 20 million people. Not only is it India's largest city, but also the 6th largest city in the world. Though it is densely populated, Mumbai covers a relatively small area compared to similar cities. Therefore, it is somewhat easy to orient yourself when getting around.

Mumbai is one of the world's largest global metropolises. As such, there is both extreme wealth and extreme poverty. On a lighter note, however, Mumbai is also the capital of India's entertainment sector, particularly as the home of Bollywood. Added to that, Mumbai is India's financial capital, with several banks, stock exchanges, international companies, and the country's largest port. 

Essentially, Mumbai is a mixture of many cultures and societies, which makes it an exciting destination for your study trip.

Example activities for your study tour in Mumbai:

  • City tour in Mumbai
  • Company visit to Larsen and Toubro headquarters in Mumbai
  • Nariman Point - the central business district for many Western companies
  • Roundtrip to some of Mumbai's shrines
  • Visit a slum area
  • Visit a textile and crafts workshop
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