Study tours to Havana

The Central Square in Havana.

Study tours to Havana

Havana - or 'La Habana', is the Caribbean's second largest city with over 2 million inhabitants. In Havana, there is still the opportunity to experience socialism, which is personified by Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. When you look around, you will often see the communist slogans 'Viva Cuba' and 'Viva la Revolución' on many walls throughout Havana.

With its vibrant daily life, romantic ambience, and infectious energy, Havana is a legendary 'one of a kind' city. Where else can you find vintage American cars with Russian Lada engines, ration shops, gleaming colonial palaces, and revolutionary slogans drowned out by the night's festivities? All of this - and so much more - is only in Havana.

Meet Habaneros during your study trip to Havana

Habaneros (inhabitants of Habana) love their city. After all, it's not hard to see why. Amid the warm, crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean, over 500 years of rollercoaster history has created one of Latin America's most electric and culturally unique communities. At the forefront of modern Latino culture is Havana salsa and mambo, Havana Club rum and Cohiba cigars, murals and Che Guevara iconography, and the list goes on.

Things to do in Havana

Havana's main attraction is its earthy authenticity. There are fascinating museums there along with beautifully preserved castles, top-notch hotels, and tasty restaurants. If you walk a few blocks north of the Parque Central, you will suddenly find yourself on the set of a real-life Elia Kazan movie. A dusty 1950s time warp where mothers still go shopping with rollers in their hair while the kids play baseball in the street with sticks and balls rolled up plastic.

While 50 years of socialism has taken its roof in Havana's fragile social and economic structure, the indomitable spirit of its citizens is still a constant source of inspiration. Havana's history, culture, and mixture of people is truly alluring. As is said in the movie The Lost City, "Havana is very much like a rose: it has petals and it has thorns. So, it depends on how you grab it. But, in the end, it always grabs you."

You can learn about Cuba's culture and history at the city's many museums or you can visit the Cathedral de San Cristobal, where the remains of Christopher Columbus are said to be buried. You can also see sweaty boxing in Old Havana, enjoy the starry sky from 'el Malecón' and speak Spanish with the locals.

Otherwise, the simple Havana atmosphere and "mañana- mentality" are enough to keep you enthralled in this beautiful city.

Example activities for your study tour in Havana:

  • Excursion to Pinar del Rio, with visits to a cigar and rum factory
  • Experience the world famous Tropicana cabaret
  • Visit a banana plantation
  • Visit a sugar plantation
  • Meeting with the "Young Communist Union"
  • University and school visits
  • Havana City Tour
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