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Study tour to Brussels

Cheap class trip to Brussels. Discover Europe's political capital with a study trip to Brussels. As a study tour destination, Brussels offers a careful blend of elegant buildings and modern skyscrapers.

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Brussels is great on a school trip

Since Brussels became the EU capital, it has been packed with bureaucracy and Eurocrats, which has given the city an atmosphere of bustling efficiency without changing its original character. The main center is surrounded by five boulevards known as the Petite Ceinture, or 'Small Ring'.

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From Mannekin Pis to Waterloo

In the heart of Brussels is the Grand Place, undoubtedly Europe's most beautiful square. Around the Grand Place, you will find museums, architectural treasures, and other unique sights. To the south is the famous Manneken Pis, a statue of a boy urinating on a street corner.

Study visit in the capital

There are many opportunities for a study tour in Brussels. The city is cozy and quite manageable, with just over one million inhabitants. Among the sights are the central square, the Grand Place, the Belgian Comic Strip Center (with many famous comics, not least Tintin, created by Belgian artists) and Fountain Manneken Pis. There is actually a female counterpart to Manneken Pis in Brussels, named Janneke Pis. However, she is far from being as famous.

Alas, we must not forget the Belgian beer. Among beer enthusiasts, Belgian beer is considered some of the world's most interesting. There is ample opportunity to taste some of the world's best beer in the many cafes, host houses, and nightclubs.

Gourmet experiences on your school trip to Brussels

Although Brussels is predominantly French-speaking, the citizens are entitled to using both French and Flemish in public life. For example, you will notice that the street names, advertisements, etc. appear in both languages.

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If there is something you need to remember to try? Yes, if you like shellfish, you simply must try the Belgian specialty: freshly cooked mussels with fries, also known as "Moules Frites". If you do not like the taste of the sea, you can choose a hot Belgian waffle insread, possibly served with chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

Ideas for activities on your study tour to Brussels:

  • Grand Place
  • Ommegang
  • Manneken Pis
  • EU Institutions
  • Atomium
  • Mini-Europe
  • Belgian Comic Strip Center
  • Excursion to Bruges
  • Excursion to Waterloo
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