Study tours to Brussels

Academic study visits in Brussels

Academic study visits in Brussels
Tours and activities for schools and class trips to Brussels. KILROY offers to arrange your activities in Brussels. These may include visits to companies, cultural institutions, and attractions of various kinds. We can also help with practical information about public transportation.

KILROY has a wide range of options for study visits. We put together tailored programs based on your wishes and needs. Here are some examples of the study visits we offer in Brussels:

Study visits in the EU institutions

When visiting the EU, the academic program depends a lot on your interests. Academic content could cover a range of topics, including eastward enlargement, the environment, the role of agriculture in the EU, and many more. The visit includes a short tour of the Plenary and meetings with various representatives and lobbyists within your area of ​​interest. The visit is therefore entirely dependent on your area of ​​interest. That said, you will definitely get better insight into the work of the EU "behind the scenes".

A visit to the Duval Chocolate Factory

Belgium is famous for its chocolate. Specifically, Duval works only with natural products. There, you will gain an understanding of how chocolate is first processed and later forwarded to the many chocolate shops in Belgium and the rest of the world. Students will gain insight into the company's strategy and distribution. They will also taste the chocolate, of course.

A visit to the brewery Cantillon

You must also visit the family-owned Cantillon brewery. Nothing has changed since 1900, when the family Van Roy - Cantillon founded the brewery. You will learn about traditional beer brewing practices and the influences of the Industrial Revolution.

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