Study tours to Prague

Be a part of history on the study tour to Prague

Study tour to Prague

The capital of Czech Republic, Prague, is not one of Europe's largest capitals, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in esthetics, history, and affordable prices. Few cities in Europe are as breathtaking as Prague and no other will give you 600 years of architecture untouched by war or other disasters.

A study trip to Tycho Brahe's Prague is filled with sagas and myths about everything from religion to great kings. When you pass the mythical Charles Bridge, which separates the old city from the modern, you will see many good examples. 30 different statues are lined up along the old bridge. Among other things there is an old crucifix where an old cross stood in the old days. Here it is common that christians kiss the crucifix for good luck. The Charles Bridge is dominated by monuments of the church, which all have a myth connected to them.

World War 2 - A relevant theme on the study tour to Prague

One of Prague's biggest attractions is the Jewish Museum. Here you are taken by the hand og carried through their history to Holocaust during WW2 and back again. The old letters written by jewish kids in the concentration camps are horrifying, but an important historical experience.

With 1.2 million inhabitants Prague is not much bigger than Copenhagen and that makes it easy to cope with. The city is known for its many taxis, but they should be approached with caution. Although Czech Republic is a developed nation, many tourists have been robbed in unauthorised taxis. Regardless, the price should be agreed upon beforehand. The price level in Prague is low so neither metro or taxi is expensive.

Prague is the perfect study tour destination

A study tour to Prague is nice and convenient. Most sights can be reached by foot and the size of the city makes it easy to travel around in groups. Make sure to take in the sights along the way, look up and marvel at the impressive buildings which are reminiscent of the Renaissance. Everyone will be entertained.

On the study tour to Prague make sure to see:

  • The Charles Bridge
  • The Jewish Quarter and Museum
  • The castle
  • Staromestske Namesti - The old town square
  • The Orloj - The Prague Astronimical Clock
  • The Tyn Church
  • Municipal House - Obecni Dum
  • The Powder Tower

Outside Prague you can also experience:

  • Karlstejn Castle
  • Theresienstadt Concentration Camp
  • The city of Kutna Hora
  • The castle in Konopiste
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