Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød

Study tours to Denmark

A study tour to Denmark is the perfect choice if you want to mix history and culture with laid-back and modern cities. History is present everywhere in the capital Copenhagen, where old buildings blend in with new to offer a unique atmosphere. A study tour to Denmark is not to be missed!

Denmark is the perfect choice of destination for your study tour. Here you can combine a wide range of sociale activities with relevant study visits and academic content. Denmark has a long and glorious history and is known for its rich architectural, artistic, and cultural heritage. Hans Christian Andersen, Lego, B&O spearhead the long list of recognisable names and brands from Denmark, which you will get ample opportunity to get to know better on your study tour.

The Danish history includes vikings as well as great kings and queens who have all left a mark on the borders of country and the appearanc of its cities. The cities are easy to navigate and public transport makes it quick to get around. Getting to Denmark is easy and cheap due to its central location in Europe and the Danes are a friendly people who will ensure you the most cozy study tour imaginable.

KILROY organizes study tours to the following cities in Denmark: 

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