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Academic study visits in London
Great experiences, tours and activities for schools and class trips to London. We can help you arrange company visits, school visits and backstage tours on your school trip to London.

Contact us if you wish to hear more about your options for great tours and activities in London. We are happy to help you arrange and tailor a program for your school or class in London. Here are some examples of study visits that we offer in London:

Cabinet War Rooms and Churchill Museum

During World War II, The Cabinet War Rooms were the headquarters of the British Government as well as where the war cabinet met. From there, both Chamberlain and Churchill led British forces in the war effort. It was also the place where Churchill said the famous words, "This is the room from which I will direct the war."

The Cabinet War Rooms and Churchill Museum are housed in the underground premises from which Winston Churchill led the war effort. You can see all of the equipment used during the war. For example, "The Map Room" where Churchill and his staff closely followed the war is open for you to see. Many other rooms were abandoned and sealed when the war ended, so time has stood still there since 1945. You will see the same cards, books, and pencils used on the last day of the war.

BBC Studios

Embark on a fascinating tour behind the scenes of the BBC's new Broadcasting House. The BBC has now opened its doors at its Portland Place facilities for an inspiring trip with very enthusiastic guides. You will see where the journalists make their radio and television broadcasts, get an introduction to the BBC's history, and tour the Broadcasting House.

Theatre Workshop & Performance

An ideal time for a workshop is in the late morning, when I saw the opportunity to end this tour with a theater in the afternoon or evening. A workshop will normally take between 1.5-2 hours.

We are also able to arrange theater and drama workshops on a variety of focus areas and levels, based on your interest. All are led by professional actors. It is possible for example to start with a theater piece or a musical, or we can arrange a lesson in acting techniques, stage combat, team building, language understanding and output, and musical technique. A theater workshop is fun and useful for all regardless of interest, since the workshop is tailored to your needs and requirements.

Below are a few examples listed for inspiration. Contact KILROY for more information about opportunities in your area of ​​interest.

Lion King:
The workshop is based on physical expression, which is a central part of the Lion King show. You will also enjoy the dissemination of history's central themes, like family, death, conflict, and growing up. The show utilizes different techniques to develop its physical nature, such as ballistic dance, emotional expression, animal nature, and so on. The goal is that students learn the techniques that go into developing a physical character within the piece.

39 steps:
This Workhop allows students to explore some unique aspects acting as an art form. It covers subjects like physical theater, comedy as a genre, how to adapt the story from the book to the stage, and the techniques that actors use to play many different roles in the same paragraph. This workshop offers both entertaining and challenging exercises for the participants.

This is a good starting point for students who already have some experience studying drama. You will hear about the literary and political background of The Wizard of Oz and Wicked, as well as explore how storytelling affects the audience.

Les Miserables:
In this workshop, you will get the opportunity to experience Les Miserables from the actors' point of view. You will gain a deeper insight into the history and time period that the story takes place in. Then, you will be able to select the right paraphernalia and costumes for the show. The plot and the characters will also be discussed.

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