Study tours to Paris

Academic study visits in Paris

Academic study visits in Paris
KILROY offers to arrange professional study visits in Paris and the surrounding area. These may include visits to companies, cultural institutions, and attractions of various kinds. We can also help with practical information about public transportation.

KILROY has a wide range of options for study visits. We put together tailored programs based on your wishes and needs. Here are some examples of study visits that we offer in Paris:

The Sewers of Paris

One of Hausmann's biggest projects was the long and complex sewage system that runs under the streets of Paris. Today, a sewer museum exists where you can explore the mysteries of Paris underground, as well as the secret activities that have taken place there throughout history.

Visit the Palace of Versailles

This enormous château, which was home to 'The Sun King' Louis XIV, is located just southwest of Paris. Attractions in the castle include The marble courtyard, the Opera, the Royal Chapel, the gardens, and the hall of mirrors. The castle is surrounded by a 100-hectare park, built by the famous architect Le Notre.

Study visit to Parc de la Villette - Sciences

Parc de la Villette features a giant science museum with a planetarium, an exhibition of the latest technology, a cinema, a music center, and a simulator cinema. This place caters to groups of all ages.

You can also visit Explora, the world's largest science and technology museum. There, you can learn about the everyday experiences of astronauts, visit the media library, and see the various exhibits about sound, light, mathematics, aerodynamics and much more. The ticket for Explora also provides access to the Planetarium, a large, sophisticated dome that depicts the solar system.

La Géode (Imax)
Check out the world's largest 360 degree movie screen (1000 square meters). This is an incredible entertainment experience with amazing picture and sound.

Le Cinaxe
Climb inside Europe's largest mobile simulator that moves its passengers as the images are shown. The duration of each ride lasts for approximately 10 minutes.

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