Study tours to Berlin

Visit the Reichstag on your study tour to Berlin

Study tour to Berlin

A study tour to Berlin, the capital of Germany, is a historic, eastetic and comfortable experience. Experience the historic neighbourhood "Der Mitte" where the border between the old East and West Berlin is visible.

The border no longer takes the form of a threatening wall, but the clear difference in the architecture on the two sides. The difference between the communist dictatorship and the modern West Berlin is preserved in the architecture.

Visit Der Mitte on the study tour to Berlin

Besides the historic monuments from the Cold War, Der Mitte also offers a wide range of cafés, restaurants, museums, galleries, and night clubs. This is where Berlin truly comes to life and where the locals go out for a great night in town. Der Mitte is centrally located and it is easy to get home safely at the end of the day using bus, taxi or the U-bahn metro, which is known to be the most punctual metro in Europe.

Explore Kreuzberg & Klein-Istanbul on the study tour to Berlin

Kreuzberg is located in the eastern part of inner Berlin and here you should expect a change of scenery. A study tour to Berlin must include Kreuzberg. The area is home to the culture-radical left wings or "the Bohemians", who have had a great influence on Kreuzberg with their music stores, vegetarian restaurants, tattoo parlours, and bars with themes from all over the World. At the edge of the Western Kreuzberg you also find the legendary Checkpoint Charlie.

Kreuzberg is a prime example of what a multicultural society can contribute to in a large city. Eastern Kreuzberg and Oranienstrasse is home to thousands of Turkish immigrants and you will find an ocean of Turkish specialties here. Everything from over the top gastronomic experience to the simply, but very popular döner kebab. Entering Eastern Kreuzberg is like entering a marketplace in Istanbul - hence the nickname "Klein-Istanbul" (Little Istanbul).

It is easy to get around Berlin

Berlin is a compact city which makes it easy to get around and see the sights as a group. Whether you are going to Brandenburger Tor, the Kurfürstendamm shopping street or the memorial at the Berlin Wall you will quickly arrive at your destination with efficient public transportation, on foot or on a rented bike.

Don't miss the following on your study tour to Berlin:

  • Brandenburger Tor
  • Gendarmenmarkt
  • The Egyptian Museum
  • Siegessäule
  • Reichstag and the Dome
  • Spandauer Zitadelle
  • Pergamon Altar
  • The Jewish Museum
  • The STASI Headquarters
  • Gedächtniskirche
  • The Kurfürstendamm shopping street
  • Alexanderplatz
  • Checkpoint Charlie

Outside Berlin you can also experience:

  • Postdam and the Sanssouci Castle
  • Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp
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