Study tours to Hamburg

Visit City Hall Square on the study tour to Hamburg

Study tour to Hamburg

Just 160 km south of the Danish/German border and 150 km from the Puttgarden harbour you find Hamburg, the second city of Germany. It is beautifully situation at the Elbe river and has numerous recreational areas, channels, and lakes.

The former Hanseatic town of Hamburg was hit hard by the bomb raids of the Allied forces during World War 2, which means that the city has been rebuilt and has a distinct modern feel.

Hamburg is more than an exit on the highway

The many Scandinavians, Hamburg is a city you pass by on the Autobahn heading towards the warmer temperatures of Southern Europe. But in fact, Hamburg has a lot to offer. The harbour is the biggest in Germany due to its strategic location at the Elbe with easy access to other harbours like London and New York, which means there is still hectic activity in the harbour area.

The many green parks and the location at the large river means that Hamburg has more bridges than Venice, Amsterdam, and London combined - more than 2500 in total(!). This results in an exciting and relaxed atmosphere where you don't sense that you are in a city of nearly 2 million people. Hamburg has an excellent public transport system, which makes a study tour to Hamburg highly attractive.

Experience history in Hamburg

On a study tour to Hamburg you should pay a visit to the Russian submarine U434, which was turned into a museum in 2002. You can go to the former concentration camp Neuengamme, where upwards of 55.000 people lost their lives during WW2. On a more curious note, Hamburg is also home to the World's largest model train track at Miniatur Wunderland. It consists of more than 1.000 trains and 15.000 carts and is truly amazing!

Musicals and theatre in Hamburg

If you have time, go to Blankenese and experience the cozy neighbourhood at the entrance to the harbour with a the view of the Airbus Factory at the other side of the river Elbe. You can also walk the old Elbe Tunnel built in 1911 to cross the river.

Hamburg also offers a lot of cultural experiences and stakes the claim as Northern Europe's top musical city. What are you waiting for? Pick Hamburg as the destination for your study tour!

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