Study tours to Munich

Study tours to Munich - Marienplatz Aerial

Study tour to Munich

A study trip to Munich is not only value for money, but also a great destination to visit from an academic standpoint. Particular within language, history, culture and social studies.

Munich, Germany's third largest city, has so infinitely much to offer within close virtually every conceivable area with its ancient history, its well-preserved culture and the city's status as an economic power center, not only in Germany but throughout the world.

Munich lures with amazing attractions, vibrant culture and urban life and a famous sports scene, all packed nicely into the well-known German virtues: Integrity, quality, courtesy and good service.

Munich - the history

Munich was founded in 1158 by Duke Henry the Lion, when he forcibly subjugated a settlement of monks. The town quickly became the center of German and European culture, especially in the 1500s, where the Dukes attracted artists to the city. In 1806 Munichs position strengthened with the appointment to the royal residence. Many classic buildings and important institutions in the city today date from that period.

Less flattering, historically, is the city's central role during the Nazi era, when the city in the 1920s was the center of national socialism resurfacing. During World War II the city was heavily destroyed, almost razed to the ground. However, the Bavarians had the drawings in order, and the city's main monuments were rebuilt to its original form.

Munich - A cultured Pearl

Munich Alstadt is the city's historic center. Here, in the narrow quaint streets you sense the atmosphere of the past, although you do not realize that many of the beautiful old buildings are rebuilt after WW2. In Munich Altstadt you will find plenty of cozy cafés and restaurants, fashionable boutiques alongside second-hand stores and delicious food stores.

The city's main attractions are:

  • Hofbräuhaus, the city's legendary beer hall
  • The castle Nymphenburg in the western part of Munich
  • Marienplatz with the town hall
  • St. Peter Kirche
  • The Gothic Frauenkirche
  • Michaelskirche from the Renaissance
  • Theatinerkirche from Baroque
  • Asamkirche from Baroque
  • National Theater
  • Residenz Palace
  • Deutsches Museum
  • Bayerisches Nationalmuseum
  • English Garden with Monopteros
  • Hofgarten with Diana Temple
  • Allianz Arena football stadium for Bayern Munich

Munichs financial power center

Munich has the strongest urban economy in Germany and has a vanishingly low unemployment rate. Munich is an economic power center, and here you will find the headquarters of many of Germany's biggest companies, including BMW (Bayerische Motor Werke), Siemens, MAN and Allianz insurance. The city's financial standing and influence goes far beyond its actual size and city limits. Opportunities for professional study visits to some of these companies are are good in Munich and Bavaria.

Munich - beer and sports

There no reason to deny it. Munich is inextricably linked with beer and football. The love for beer culminates each year at the Oktoberfest (which often starts in September). If it's not the beer that brings the city to the world's attention, then football does. The city's pride is definitely Bayern Munich football team, with numerous national and international championships. Watching a football game at the home ground Allianz Arena, is almost a must - even for those not interested in football, because the stadium is an architectural gem itself, as everyone should see - especially at night.

Attractions outside Munich

Munich as such has plenty of sights to offer and enough to fill the study trip, but it should nevertheless be mentioned that the region of Bavaria offers some very spectacular sights as it could be interesting to supplement with:

  • Neuschwanstein Castle from the 1800s, about 130 km from Munich
  • The castle Linderhof In Oberammargau, about 100 km from Munich
  • Pilgrimage Church of Wies from 1740, about 100 km from Munich

Go on a study trip to one of Germany's most beautiful cities: You will not regret it.

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