Study tours to Munich

Academic study visits in Munich

Academic study visits in Munich
KILROY has a wide range of options for study visits. We put together tailored programs based on your wishes and needs. Here are some examples of study visits that we offer in Munich and Bavaria.

Audi Forum Ingolstadt

When in Munich, it is a great opportunity to visit the Audi Forum in nearby Ingolstadt. Here you can choose from up to 12 different tours. You can include "Production - Compact", a 2 hour all-around tour where you get a lot of information and will take you around most of the facilities. This may include Audi's "Press Shop", where the metal is shaped to the body. In the Body Shop you will see welding robots perform a fascinating ballet, as you are allowed to witness a "wedding" - the association between transmission and body.

BMW Welt

Bavaria is also known as the home of BMW. Here you can get technical insights, making the visit very popular with school groups. A visit can include a tour that takes you to the most exciting places in the factory - from up close you are going to see how steel is bent and pressed to the body in the "Press Shop", as you get past the Body Shop, Paint Shop and Engine shop. Moreover, you will get famililar with the production of interior parts and seats, and finally see where it is all assembled andmakes a beautiful BMW.

Another possibility is "The BMW Welt Compact Tour", a 60-minute all-around tour, where you get a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes.

Visit Munich Airport

Experience how the different aircraft prepare for take-off, as you see cargo buildings and hangars where the aircraft is maintained. This tour gives you a fascinating insight into all operational procedures required for an airport to serve as a complete system.

Sustainable projects and renewable energy

Through our contacts, we are able to organize a tailor-made business visits to Munich and the surrounding area from your goals and desires. We have listed some ideas for topics, but the possibilities are many:

  • Solar
  • An energy efficient city
  • Holistic sustainable management
  • Treatment plant that uses UV radiation to purify water
  • Wind power plants
  • Fuel Cells
  • Heating systems
  • Geothermal
  • Structural elements and building materials
  • Resource Protection
  • Natural reserves

From farm to fork

Visit the organic community "Herrmannsdorfer Landwerkstatten", an organic community that holds everything from agriculture, a bakery and dairy for butchery and a brewery. Together with their collaborators Herrmannsdorfer Landwerkstatten seek to be self-sufficient. Here the emphasis is on everything being local produce - in order to reduce the pollution from long journeys.

Visit Dachau, Hitler's first concentration camp

The place was originally a munitions factory from World War I, but in 1933 the empty buildings were converted to the first concentration camp, with room for 5,000 prisoners. As more camps came around, Dachau got status as the main camp. Despite this, the camp was to small and within five years the prisoners were set to build a new camp next door. The new camp included 30 residential barracks, each with room for 208 prisoners, which meant that there could now be over twice as many prisoners in the camp. After the outbreak of war, the camp got  crowded, and in the end more than 1,600 prisoners lived in each barrack. 


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