Study tours to Athens

Athens is full of beautiful historic relics waiting to be explored.

Study tour to Athens

Although Athens is quite a large city (with an estimated 4 million inhabitants), all of the main attractions are assembled within a short distance from each other.

On a study trip to Athens, you will see the important effect that Greek culture has had on the development in Europe. Besides the impressive Acropolis, one must not fail to take the trip up on Mount Lycabettus to see Athens from above. The museums in Athens are also the perfect attraction with their vast collections of antiquities.

Visit Athens' historic relics

21st century Athens is a modern city at the center of European fashion and lifestyle. However, the ancient past lies just below the surface and lures visitors with historical relics and monuments. A study tour to Athens offers unforgettable experiences and exciting contrasts between the past and present.

After a major cleanup and expansion of the public transportation system in 2004, it is now really easy to get around in Athens. A number of attractions outside the city are also easy to reach by bus. You should be aware that summer is burning hot in Athens, so we recommend that you stick to the cooler months, like September through May.

Example activities for your study tour in Athens:

  • Acropolis and Parthenon
  • Propylea Port
  • Erechtheion
  • The Byzantine Athens
  • Zeus' temple
  • The Old Town, Plaka - Greek music and folk dancing
  • Football game
  • Trip to Delphi with the Apollo Temple and the Holy Path
  • Excursion to Corinth
  • Day-trip to Mycenae
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