Study tours to Athens

Academic study visits in Athens

Academic study visits in Athens
KILROY offers to arrange professional study visits in Athens and the surrounding area. These may include visits to companies, cultural institutions, and attractions of various kinds. We can also help with practical information about public transportation.

KILROY has a wide range of options for study visits. We put together tailored programs based on your wishes and needs. Here are some examples of study visits that we offer in Athens:

Company visit during your study tour in Athens

It is possible to visit a Greek company or schedule a lecture in English with a Greek representative. Your group will gain insight into the production, distribution, and marketing that goes into the business. We can customize the visit in a way that prioritizes your particular area of ​​interest or expertise. The visit lasts about 1½ - 2 hours and there will be an opportunity to ask questions as well.

Please note that the operator requires all attendees to be well-prepared and to show serious interest in the event.

Vagonetto – Fokis Mining Park

This mining park is a unique attraction and quite a relevant destination for school groups. The excursion is not just about mining, but also about local Greek history. The tour begins with a glimpse of the special mechanical equipment used for mining, both modern and ancient. Then, take the old "Vagonetto" train, which was used by miners more than 30 years ago.

Once in the mines, you continue the tour on foot. When you reach Mine Gallery 850, you will see how bauxite mining has evolved over time. By using "special effects" you will be brought back in time to see the hard work, the particular jargon, and the strong unity of the miniers.

Vagonetto Mining Park is located approximately 2.5 hours drive from Athens. It is:

  • Exciting - you're going underground to experience something new.
  • Instructive - you will learn about the mine's history and the miners' hard work.
  • Informative - you learn step by step the technical process behind bauxite mining.

Lectures on modern Greece

When you've been around the city and and seen classic Greece with a knowledgeable guide, you probably have a decent grasp on ancient times. However, what about today's Greece? How are Greeks today? Learn about contemprary religion, the Greek political system, social life, labor practices, taxes, housing, education, street dogs, youth movements, and so on.

Many leave Athens without ever covering topics related to modern Greek life and culture. This lecture, which lasts approximately two hours, will address some of the above topics. The first hour may be coverage of a preselected theme and then the second hour will cover selected topics tailored to the group's programs or academic requirements.

Themes to choose from:
Main features of Greek history, Athens in recent history, politics, environment, plants and wildlife, schools, family, health care, the social system, corruption, and the Orthodox Church.

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