Study tours to Kangerlussuaq

Academic study visits in Kangerlussuaq

Academic study visits in Kangerlussuaq
KILROY offers to arrange professional study visits in Kangerlussuaq and the surrounding area. These may include visits to companies, cultural institutions, and attractions of various kinds. We can also help with practical information about public transportation.

KILROY has a wide range of options for study visits. We put together tailored programs based on your wishes and needs. Here are some examples of study visits that we offer in Kangerlussuaq:

Musk wool production at Niviarsiaq Wool

A visit to Niviarsiaq Wool offers insight into the arduous process that goes into harvesting and using wool. Specifically, 'qiviut' is the wool layer that can be used for yarn production. Qiviut insulates up to eight times better than regular wool and it is some of the softest wool available. You will see the full wool-making process along with an oral explanation.

School visit in Kangerlussuaq

In Kangerlussuaq, there is a school called "Qinnguata Atuarfia" that can house a maximum of 70 students in its 10 rooms. There are approximately 10 full-time teachers, as well as a library and an after-school program.

Trip to the Greenland ice sheet

If you make the trip to Kangerlussuaq, you simply must reserve a bus ride to the Ice Cap. you will travel in a large bus out to Point 660, approximately 33 kilometers from Kangerlussuaq. You will also pass the Russell Glacier on the way. At point 660, the group begins hiking on the ice. Many visitors are often lucky to see musk oxen, reindeer, and maybe even a snow hare.

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