Choose Ireland as destination for your study tour

Study tours to Ireland

Let KILROY help you planning and arranging your study tour to Ireland. Ireland is an exciting and beautiful country and lots of experiences are waiting you there. KILROY has together with teachers worked out an academic compendium that works as an planning tool for the study tour. This compendium can be acquired after having ordered your study tour. Contact us for further.

Ireland and especially Dublin are for most people related to music, pubs and good, solid food. These elements characterise in many ways this charming country and its capital Dublin. Dublin is in many ways an obvious choice for your next study tour.

KILROY customise your study tour to Ireland so you get the most

out of it educationwise. We focus on:

  • Your needs and wants for your study tour to Ireland/Dublin
  • Transportation and accommodation matching your budget requirements
  • Study visits and excursion relevant for increasing the educational level of your study tour
  • Academic compendium and study visits
  • Service and counselling
  • Doing all the practical stuff, so that you can save time

KILROY arrange study tours to the following cities in Irland:

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