Study tours to Dublin

Enjoy a study tour to Dublin

Study tour to Dublin

A study tour to Dublin is synonymous with lots of culture, partying, relaxed atmosphere and a safe environment. Dublin lies at the shore of the river Liffy and is a wonderful, monumental city with a youthful atmosphere due to the fact that 50% of its inhabitants are below 25 years of age. Dublin is an obvious choice for your next study tour.

The member ship of the EU has meant a lot to Ireland and Dublin in general although the financial crisis made its toll on the country. You will se a lot of contrasts in Dublin and the clash between young and old makes the city an exciting, energetic and provcative palce to visit. Dublin is an obvious choice for a study tour.

The Dublin area has been inhabited since the time of the vikings and today greater Dublin has about 1.7 million inhabitants. Dublin has been capital of Ireland since 1922.

Visit Dublins castle on the study tour

It is never neither really warm or really cold in Dublin, making it pleasant to walk around in the city. Besides the impressive harbourarea you must walk by Dublin Castle, which for a big part is open to the public. The castle is still used for official ceremonies og visits of head of states. If the latter is the case a large part of the area is closed to the public.

Transport on the study tours to Dublin

It is fairly easy to get around in Dublin even if you are a group. Here you have a good bus and tram system. A metro is being planned.

MUST See on your study tour to Dublin:

  • Christ Church cathedral
  • Trinity College/Book of Kells
  • Dublin Castle
  • Dublin Writers Museum
  • St. Patrick’s cathedral
  • National Museum of Ireland
  • Rugby match
  • Excursion to Galway/Connamara and the Burren/Cliffs of Moher
  • Excursion to Drogheda
  • Excursion to Wicklow Mountains
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