Study tours to Rome

Rom is an ideal destination for your next study tour - full of history, architecture, culture and exciting food experiences

Study tour to Rome

Rome is and will probably always be one of our most popular destinations for a study tour. Rome has it all! Culture and history like no other city in the world. Rome is like a big open museum.

Ancient Rome is like a big open air museum filled with legendary monuments, churches and art work. Even the smallest courtyard in the most narrow alley can reveal a small fresco, a beautiful fountain or a decorated pavement.

As beautiful and instructive Rome is, it is also demanding. You will have to walk - a lot. But you have to in order to experience to true nature of the city. To walk around the area from Forum Romanum to Piazza del Popolo is like taking a lecture in european history as pass by one historic mansion, building or church after the other. But you'll never get tired of it! 

The study tour to Rome - a bombardement of all senses

Rome is not only an historic and architectonial experience but an overwhelming bombardement of all senses: Elderly ladies with coloured hair chat in Trastevere; vicars walk around with cigars; traffic jam at Colosseum; the most fresh pasta at Piazza Navona; pastel coloured scooters speeding up. The italian stereotypes are all very much alive here. Citizens of Rome all incapsulates the spirit of the city.
Folk i Rom indkapsler ånden i byen. Part of the experience of a study tours is also to live the city, feel the atmosphere and get close to the inhabitants.

Why go on a study tour to Rome?

The reasons for going on a study tour to rome are obvious. First of all it is fairly easy to go to Rome transportwise. Secondly there are so many historic and cultural things to see and experience that makes it easy to plan a study tour to Rome that has an educational content of high quality no matter the subject. There are so manty things to do and see that it is important to have enough time in Rome. Contact KILROY and get a free and non-binding offer for your next study tour - maybe to Rome?
MUST See's on the study tour to Rome:

  • Forum Romanum
  • Colosseum
  • Cathedral of San Pietro
  • The Vatican
  • Trevi fountain
  • The Spanish Steps
  • Trastevere quarter
  • Piazza Navona
  • Borghese gallery
  • Castel Sant Angelo
  • San Klemente church
  • Piazza del Popolo
  • Excursion to Pompeji
  • Excursion to Assisi
  • Excursion to Tivoli
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