Visit Trakai Castle on your study tour to Lithuania

Study tours to Lithuania

Lithuania is one of the three baltic countries, and we as danes tend to perceive all three as more or less the same. Nothing could be more wrong, and lithuanians really do not like that as they have therir own culture and - as they say - we don't even understand the languages of the other two countries!

Lithuania is a fresh opportunity for a study tour to a destination that might be a bit different that to other big historic cities in Europe. Back in the 13th century Lithuania was actually one of the largest countries in Europe but in the end of the 18. century the country became part of the russian empire.

After world war 1. Lithuania was again independent until after the second world war where it was part of the Soviet Union. The present independence came in 1990 and Lithuania is today part of EU and NATO and was one of Europes tiger economies up until the financial crises in 2007. 

The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius, an old city which was first mentioned in the old books in 1323. Vilnius is a beautiful city with a well preserved old town with a lot of mediaval atmosphere, beautiful architecture


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