Study tours to Vilnius


Study tour to Vilnius

Vilnius has seen a tremendous development in the last decades and you'll find really good museums and probably the best preserved medieaval town in the Baltics will be found here. The night life is great too with fine restaurants and lots of cafées. Experience Vilnius on a study tour with KILROY

Many of the streets in Vilnius is cobblestoned giving the city a great deal of charm (remember good walking shoes). Most of the attractions are within walking distance and there Vilnius is perfect for a study tour. 

Must see's on the study tour to Vilnius 

The Cathedral in Vilnius is very easy recognisable with its vere characteristic bell tower. The cathedral is found in the center of the city. After a visit here you should go to the Gerdiminos tower and enjoy the fantastic view over the city.

The preseidentail palace is worth a visit as well. The president of Lithuania lives here of course but a french general by the name of Napoleon lived here earlier.

In the old part of Vilnius you'll find a number of cosy cafées and restaurants serving delicious food. Going into the night life here is definitely worth trying.

A study tour to Vilnius will be a different study tour with a lot experiences on every level.

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