Study tours to Warsaw

Visit the old market square when in Warsaw

Study tour to Warsaw

A study tour to Warsaw gives you unique insight into historical moment like few other cities.

Even though Warsaw was founded late in Polands history (in the beginning of the 14th century) Warsaw has been Polands capital since 1611, with a few exceptions.

Warsaw was for long a cultural and industrial center, and was before the 2nd world war one of the most beautiful and sofisticated cities in Europe. The war changed that and made Warsaw to one of the most demolished cities instead. 

Warsaw today is a product of the times after the war and most of the city is modern although there still are some historical enclaves.

It is worth noting that all the historical attractions - especially the old town - are on the left side of the river. This is nice to know when choosing accommodation.

Must see's and do's on a study tour to Warsaw:

  • The Old Town
  • The Old city square
  • The historical museum
  • Nationalmuseum
  • Wilanow castle
  • Watch a ballet in the Opera
  • Barbakan city gate
  • The Royal castle
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