Study tours to Moscow

Stroll around The Red Square on your study tour to Moscow

Study tour to Moscow

Moscow has been Russia spiritual and cultural center for more than 850 years and been the capital of the country since 1918. Moscow is a BIG city, one of Europes largest and there are people everywhere. The city has changed dramatically since the days of the Communism and become much more 'westernized' and wealthy. Today it is more likely to see a Mercedes than a Lada and food chains like McDonalds, Burger King and 7Eleven are seen all over. Moscow is a fascinating city and so much more than just Kremlin.

KILROY has made study tours to Moscow for many years and have a strong knowledge of what to see and do in relation to a study tour. We offer transportion and accommodation at different levels and a range og study visit options to make the study tour educational worth while.

Must see's and do's on a study tour to Moscow:

  • Visit Kremlin and the Red Square
  • Vasilij Cathedral
  • Lenin-mausoleum
  • Excursion to Sergiev Possad
  • Excursion to Suzdal
  • Study visit to a russian family
  • Study visit to a newspaper
  • Study visit to a Russian school
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