Study tours to Istanbul

Explore the markets of Istanbul on your study tour

Study tours to Istanbul

Istanbul is the only city in the World, which has been the capital for christian as well as islamic empires. It has kept remains from both periods and they are often seen alongside each other. Istanbul is a melting pot of ethnic culture, which has to be experienced!

A study tour to Istanbul will give great insights to foreign cultures. Istanbul is both Western and Oriental at the same time. There are numerous great experiences to be had in Istanbul and one is sure to return home from a study tour with a broadened horizon and a new look at the World.

Istanbul spans two continents

Besides the cultural differences, Istanbul is the only large city in the World to span two continents. The Bosporus Strait is only 750 metres wide and divides the old Istanbul on the European side and the suburbs on the Asian side. The two parts of the city and the World are connected by two impressive bridges: The Bosporus Bridge from 1973 and The Fatih Bridge from 1988. It is estimated that metropolitan Istanbul is home to 15 million people, which makes Istanbul rank among the top 20 in World.

Architecture, history, and markets on the study tour to Istanbul

On a study tour to Istanbul you can experience some truly impressive architectonic sights like The Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia. The food in Turkey is excellent and the Turks are a friendly people. Don't miss the many markets of Istanbul, which you will either love or hate, but can never avoid seeing. With the choice of Istanbul as the destination for your study tour you can expect a different, interesting, and very cultural study tour - your senses will be challenged and you will be rewarded with an unforgettable trip.

On the study tour to Istanbul you should not miss:

  • The Blue Mosque
  • The Topkapi Palace
  • The Hagia Sofya Mosque
  • The Bazaar
  • The Dolmebache Palace
  • The Dervish Monestary
  • A sailing tour on the Bosporus
  • The Rüstem Pasa Camii Mosque
  • An authentic Turkish evening

Outside Istanbul you can also experience:

  • A two-day trip to Troy
  • The Üsküdar Neighbourhood
  • Bursa & The Green Mosque
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