Middle East

Dubai is said to be the 'modern' Middle East.

Study tours to the Middle East

Should you decide to embark on a study trip to the Middle East, KILROY can take care of the details and arrangements. We help to organize your study tour to the Middle East by providing excursions, visits, and programs with both social and academic content.

The Middle East is a broad and diverse region, so our destinations there cannot be compared. That said, you can expect two completely different experiences, whether you are planning a study trip to Israel or to the United Arab Emirates.

In Israel, you can experience the exciting and unique metropolis of Tel Aviv. Located on the Mediterranean, Tel Aviv is a modern city that serves as Israel's commercial, financial, and cultural center. Although the capital city is Jerusalem, most countries have their embassies in Tel Aviv for political reasons. It is a very modern city with large shopping malls, elegant and expensive shops, luxury hotels, restaurants, a strand promenade, a marina, theater companies, and universities.

On a study trip to Dubai, you will truly see how Western culture and Middle Eastern culture meet to form one big union. In Dubai, traditional minarets call worshippers to prayer while modern pop songs play on the streets. Nowhere else in the Arab world will you see bikini-clad tourists alongside burqa-clad locals. These factors make Dubai into something very special.

KILROY organizes class trips, group travel, and study tours to the following countries in the Middle East:

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