Study tours to Tel Aviv

Skyline coast in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Study tours to Tel Aviv

With about 400,000 inhabitants, Tel Aviv is in the center of Israel's largest metropolitan region. Apart from its location, Israel's second largest city also has an international airport and a good road network, making it the perfect base for exploring the rest of Israel.

Located on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, Tel Aviv has rapidly developed into a modern city with museums, markets, cafés, and a lively night life. The city is also the focal point of Israel's trade, culture and finance sector, despite the fact that it is neither the country's largest city nor its capital.

In the years following World War II, the state of Israel was created and there was a huge wave of immigration to the new country. At that time, Tel Aviv grew along with the neighboring town of Jaffa, which was previously inhabited by Muslims. With the great immigration of European Jews to Israel after the war, many Muslim inhabitants were displaced and moved to other areas, like Gaza. Tel Aviv therefore has a central place in history and also serves as the gateway to the east.

Due to its unique geographical location, Tel Aviv the ideal starting point for excursions to most of Israel's other sights, such as the West Bank, the Galilee, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Gaza, and the Negev Desert.

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