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Study tours to Mexico

Are you planning this year's class trip? At KILROY, we organize study tours and group travel to Mexico. In particular, Mexico City has everything one could ask for. It is truly an ideal location, albeit a bit overlooked as a study tour destination.

Bienvenidos a México - Welcome to Mexico! 

If you choose Mexico as a tourist destination, you will definitely get the adventure that you signed up for. You will be greeted by a large city that will dazzle and captivate even the most seasoned travelers. A great combination of history, culture, magnificent nature, and a lively and colorful atmosphere makes Mexico an ideal study destination. 

KILROY organizes class trips, group travel, and study trips to the following cities in Mexico:

About the study tour / group trip to Mexico:

Mexico offers many attractions, like beautiful sandy beaches, turquoise seas, exotic restaurants, lively nightclubs, and the jungle - but this is just a mere sample of all the unique Mexican experiences that you have in store. Mexico is a large country with temperate and tropical zones, high-altitude, 10,000 kilometers of coastline, a city of 19 million people, and countless small pueblos everywhere. This magnificent country can hardly fail to provide a large range of options for any adventurer.

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