Study tours to Boston

Boston and its harbour is close to the sea and enjoys a lot of sailing activities

Study tours to Boston

Boston is an amazing city to visit as part of a study tour. The city has some of the best-preserved historic buildings in the United States. It is clean, historic, and walkable and the city blends old-world beauty and modern convenience.

Boston played a major role in the founding of the United States and today the city holds a rich historical atmosphere that is present almost everywhere you go.

Boston is also a very diverse city. It is home to many different ethnic groups ranging from Italian-Americans and Irish immigrants to Puerto Ricans and Chinese.

The Freedom Trail

A red line throughout most of Boston known as The Freedom Trail, depicts the bloody road to freedom. It's tempting to let this red line symbolize all the blood that flowed in the years around the Revolutionary War in the Northeastern United States. If you follow the red line and remember to look up, you will experience 16 of the most significant monuments and sites linked to the Revolutionary War.

The Freedom Trail through Boston can be walked within in just a few hours hour or it can take several days if you would like to dig deeper into history for each site you pass. The Freedom Trail begins in Boston Common, a beautiful park in the very heart of Boston. Starting this dramatic tour in this lovely park is symptomatic for Boston; the city is in fact the place where opposites meet in many ways. There are cozy neighbourhoods with typical brownstone houses not far from the skyscrapers in the Financial Center. Neat and well-kept shopping streets, Newbury Street is recommended, in perfect harmony with the raw, industrial look that also characterizes the city.

Freedom Trail highlights:

  • Paul Revere House
  • King's Chapel
  • USS Constitution
  • Massachusetts State House
  • Old State House
  • Faneuil Hall


Example activities for your study tour in Boston:

Apart from the sites explored at the Freedom Trail, Boston has numerous attractions that should not be missed.

  • Go for a walk in the area of Back Bay with the old red, Victorian - and very fashionable - brick houses and enjoy 1800-century atmosphere.
  • Walk around at Newbury Street and especially at Beacon Hill.
  • Visit the city's many ethnic neighborhoods. Hanover Street with Italian cuisine or some of the many Irish pubs in town.
  • Visit the fashionable South End area of old brick houses, lots of cafés and restaurants. Formerly a not so safe place, but now turned around and super popular.
  • Harvard University, the city's world-famous university located in the suburb of Cambridge.
  • Experience a baseball game at Fenway Park. Americans love sports. In Boston, it is especially baseball and the team Red Sox.
  • The amazing Museum of Fine Arts from 1876. One of America's largest art museums with works by Monet, John Singer Sargent, Van Gogh, Cézanne and Winslow Homer. The museum is furthermore known for its extensive collection of Egyptian artifacts.

Excursions as part of the study tour in Boston

What to see and experience outside of Boston:

  • New York City. It’s about 4 hours each way. Easy to combine the two popular cities on the same study or group tour. Inquire about the possibilities.
  • Cape Cod, Nantucket and Marthas Vinyeard. Experience the place where many Americans go for their beach holiday.


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