Study tours to Miami

A visit to Miami Beach may be included as part of your study trip.

Study tours to Miami

Miami's nickname is 'The Magic City', while Florida is often called 'The Sunshine State'. It is no wonder that this city is one of America's greatest tourist destinations. In recent years, it has also become popular to take a field trip to Miami, as there are many available flight connections from Europe, the weather is excellent, there is great entertainment, and the mood is fun, happy, and exotic.

Miami has declared itself the most amazing place in the United States. As evidence of this title, the city has recently restored the pastel Deco district, which has a friendly atmosphere and an excellent arts and culture scene.

Activities for your study trip to Miami

Miami is a sunny alternative to New York. Although the city is mostly known for sun and beach, it is also a metropolitan region with 5.5 million inhabitants. Miami draws businesses, employees, and families from near and far.

Of course, there is also Miami Beach - a beautiful stretch of white sand that stretches out into the clear blue ocean. In the heart of this beach paradise is Ocean Drive, flanked by the city's best beach to the east and a number of cafes to the west. It was here that Gianni Versace lived and his worshipers still flock there to see and be seen.

Miami also has one of the world's most beautiful public simming pools, the Venetian Pool, as well as one of the world's best zoos, the lively Little Havana district, and the famous Everglades nature area. As a place where nature, culture, and city are all rolled into one, Miami is a great destination for group travel.

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