Study tours to New York

Academic study visits in New York

Academic study visits in New York
KILROY offers to arrange professional study visits in New York and the surrounding area. These may include visits to companies, cultural institutions, and attractions of various kinds. We can also help with practical information about public transportation.

KILROY has a wide range of options for study visits. We put together tailored programs based on your wishes and needs. Contact us to learn about the study visits we can arrange for your study trip to New York.

Here are a few examples of study visits in New York:

City tour in New York "Melting Pot"

The theme of this trip is New York's many immigrants, cultures, religions, and peoples and how they live together and get to work every day. You will go around the East Village/Lower East Side and see how immigrants live in today's New York and still put their mark on the city. You will see an old Italian patisserie, a Bangladeshi Mosque, a Turkish bathhouse, a Ukrainian Orthodox Church , Indian restaurants, and Puerto Rican street names, among other things. Generally, you will get insight into the heart of New York and its local inhabitants. The tour is given by a Danish journalist living in New York and any transport underground is not included in the price.

Study visit in Harlem

During this 2.5-hour sightseeing tour with a local guide in Harlem, you will experience the largest and most famous African-American town in the world. The tour focuses on Harlem's history and the social and cultural problems that the district contends with. You will see the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, drive past Columbia University, and stop at Grant's Tomb on the road north to Harlem's hills and valleys. In Harlem, you will also see the legendary Apollo Theater, the African Square where Nelson Mandela spoke in America for the first time, and the historical Teresa Hotel. You will also see the building where Bill Clinton currently has his office and then drive along Malcolm X Boulevard past the historic Malcolm X Mosque. The tour also includes shopping at Harlem Market, a trip through Spanish Harlem, Harlem Valley, and Sugar Hill .

If the trip is scheduled for a Sunday, a slightly shortened version of the above program will be combined with a visit to one of Harlem's many churches - usually the Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church. Gospel is a big part of African- American culture, so it is a great experience to partake in such a church service. Remember to wear appropriate clothing.

Professionally relevant lectures in New York

During your study tour in New York, you also have the opportunity to attend lectures on themes such as politics, the US media, the economic crisis, immigration, and the like.

We work with a Danish journalist living in New York. He works for various Danish media outlets and therefore deals with what is happening in American society on a daily basis. He also has experience giving presentations for school groups.

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