Planning your study tour - important information

Planning your study tour
KILROY has a long experience in putting together study tours with academic focus. But for the group to get the most out of it, there are some things to consider. Here we will give you some tips and hints to the different steps in the process.

Before booking the study tour

Book early

To get the best hotels and flight departures you need to book early. Most airlines opens up for bookings about 11 months before departure. So as soon as you know what week the study trip will be, take contact to KILROY. You can get an overview of our destinations and hotels/hostels here.

Academic focus

The academic focus of a study tour is an important factor, but demands time and resources. We at KILROY are more than happy to coordinate study visits and works consistently on finding new, exciting study visits with academic content at our different destinations. On our most popular destinations we have a dedicated study visit catalogue called Next Stop (not available in English, visit our local websites to find these).

Request and offer – by phone or online

We value personal contact with our customers, and our aim is that you have same travel consultant during the whole process.  The more you know about your requirements for the study tour, the better we can tailor make a program specifically for your study tour.  

After booking the study tour:


Deposit and names of participants on the study tour needs to be sent to us no later than 10 days after you have received order confirmation - unless we have agreed otherwise.

Names of participants

The names MUST be equal to the participants passports and MUST be machine written (not hand written). If names are not matching names in the passport the person might be denied boarding the flight. Changing the name on the flight ticket after the booking is made costs EUR 114, and in some instances it is not possible to change the names on the flight ticket. In these instances purchase of a new flight ticket is necessary.

Travel insurance

Your national health system does not longer cover threathments abroad. If you travel within the EU (includes also Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Lichtenstein) holding an EU Blue Card you will be threated as a local recident, but in many countries this involves part payment for the patient. So even within Europe we recommend a travel insurance.

Travelling overseas you will be fully charged for any medical threatments, so DO NOT travel overseas without a proper travel insurance.

Cancellation insurance

A cancellation insurance gives you refund for the cost of participants in case of urgent illness for the participant or his/hers immediate family. A medical statement is required. The insurance doesn't cover in case of pregnancies, stress, psychological disorders or the like or a worsening in chronic diseases.

Educational program/visits

Program and visits on the destination must be ordered 12 weeks before the departure at the latest. If ordered later - which is possible though - an express charge of DKK 850,- will be applied (Excl. different entrances and reservation fees).

If a participant decides not to go

If a participant from the group decides not to go AFTER the deposit has been paid, the deposit amount is lost. If this happens less than 6 week before departure the whole amount is lost.

If one or more of the participants are not danish citizens

If there are participants in the groups that are not danish citizens and/or do not have a danish passport, we are referring to the Danish Immigration Service on tel.: 35 36 66 00 (weekdays from 08.30 - 12.00) and the embassy of his/hers country in Denmark or the nearest police station.

Please notice that KILROY is not responsible if the participant/s due to lack of visa or non-valid passport is denied entry to the country.

Problems during the study tour

If problems occur during the studyt tour, please contact KILROY immediately, so we can help you in solving the problem on the spot. If this happens during our opening hours (mon-thur 08.00-16.00, fri 08.00-15.00) please call 65 65 65 65. If the problem occurs outside our opening hours please call tel.: +45 70 22 05 35 and an emergency phone number will be informed.

Notice: This hot line must only be used in emergency situations