Travel insurance for your study tour

Travel insurance for study tours
Travel insurance is not included in our package prices, but we are happy to assist you with a speical study tour insurance.

KILROY work closely together with insurance companies to offer a special travel insurances for your study tour - at competitive prices.

Prices and conditions vary pending on your home country, so contact us for more information and an offer.

Travel insurance for study tours within Europe

Even for travels within the EU, not all potential costs are covered through the national health system in your country. The general rule is that you are threated as the local recidents you are visiting, an in many European countries this means that you have a self risk when threated by a doctor or are being hospitalized. To be threated as a local recident the person need to bring the EU Blue Card - so make sure that all participants on the study tour get the EU Blue Card.

To reduce the risk for unexpected costs during your study tour, we do recommend that you get a special EU study tour insurance. 

Travel insurance for study tours overseas

Travelling overseas you have no coverage by the natinonal health authorities in your home country, and all costs for medical threatment etc are to be covered by the traveller. So do not go on a study tour overseas without a sufficient travel insurance.

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