Study tours with academic focus

Study tours with academic focus
A study tour is just one part of the total education at school. A study tour is normally undertaken in relation to a certain subject and the demand for a certain academic level of the study tour is ever increasing and thus the time and efforts in planning and organising a study tour have become significant. The whole foundation for a successful study tour is a solid understanding of the chosen destination.

KILROY offers two valuable tools that can help you in the planning of your study tour before, during and after the tour and give you inspiration and ideas to the academical content of the study tour.

KILROYs Academic Compendiums – written by teachers for teachers

The Compendium is written by teachers at high school level but a large part of the compendium can be useful at other academic levels. The Compendium is especially useful for the subjects: Language, history, religion, classical studies, geography, art, philosophi and social subjects.

The compendium is a time-saving planning tool for the teacher and gives inspiration and ideas to how the preparation of the tour could be done, how the daily program and the activities during the tour could look like and how the reporting of the study tour could be done.

Example of the content of the compendium:

  • Description of the destination
  • How to get around the city
  • Ideas til excursions in the surrounding area
  • Fact box
  • Geography
  • Climate
  • Religion
  • Language
  • Historical timetable
  • Present political, historical and economical development
  • Famous writers / artists in and around the destination
  • Academical relevant visits
  • Proposed litterature list
  • Porposal for a day-to-day program
  • Ideas for the reporting of the outcome of the study tour

The compendium is free of charge and will be sent to you when you have booked and paid the deposit for the study tour. 

KILROYs Next Stop – Academic relevant visits on the study tour

The aim of the Next Stop program is to give you information of and inspiration to academically relevant study visits, attractions of different kinds including cultural sights and practical information of public transportation. The aim of Next Stop is to help you in getting the optimal academical content of your study tour. We offer Next Stop to all our standard travel destinations

Next Stop is sent to you together with a specific offer for study tour, alternatively it can be downloaded from our website under each individual destination.

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