Save time and money on the study tour

Save time and money on the study tour
A study tour and all the details associated with is often connected with great complexity due to a number of factors:
  • Several people are to be transported and accommodated at the same time and place
  • A large amount of money is involved
  • There is a big – and ever increasing – demand for a high academic level of the tour, and thus, focus on the academic content of the tour
  • Time is a scarce ressource for a teacher so help in planning and organising the logistics of the tour is often a big wish and need
  • Unanticipated things can happen at the destination making it necessary to take quick action/change plans accordingly. That is not always easy in a foreign city, far from home.

All in all a complicated process, taking a lot of time and preparation and connected with a bit of uncertainty regarding the implementation of the study tour.

KILROYs study tour concept, consisting of our academic compendiums made by teachers, our entensive range of possible academic study visits, and the years of experience of our travel advisors, is focused on helping the teacher in the planning and the organisation of the study tour, enabling him/her to minimize their time spent on the practical things and at the same time maximising the academic level of the content of the study tour.  

KILROYs extensive network of partners all over the world enable us to secure competitive prices on transportation as well as accommodation AND the price we quote you is THE price: No hidden fees, unnecessary costs, and no unpleasant surprises. 


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